Recent Work

We're passionate about our recent work and even more passionate about showing it off.  Our latest work in the field of animation, motion graphics and game development is showcased in all it's splendor.

Recent Work

Know the tough stuff stage setup

Know the Tough Stuff Game Show

As part of Toyota’s annual team briefing, Shine Interactive was asked to create a quiz game show for the final round of “Know the tough stuff”. This is an an internal excellence programme Toyota runs for staff to enhance their product knowledge. Shine, in collaboration with Inhouse Productions, came up with a game show design that will […]

SA's Got Talent 2015

SA’s Got Talent – Buzzer System

Shine Interactive created a software solution, combined with some hardware, to operate the buzzer system for SA’s Got Talent 2015 as well as the upcoming 2016 season of the popular television show for Rapid Blue. The system reads the various button presses by the judging panel and would then, based on the rules of the […]

Crack the Code

Crack the Code

Memory and quick thinkingCrack the code is a simple game of memory, logic, skill and quick thinking.  The player needs to unravel a 5 digit combination code before time runs out. Crack the Code was developed as a collaboration between Shine Interactive and Big Brave Digital for a client. The game is designed for an […]

Lucy crawl-a-thon logo screen

Lucy The Caterpillar

Lucy The Caterpillar – Crawl-a-thonLucy the caterpillar was designed to keep kids engaged on exhibition stands while mom and dad has a chance to talk to reps about various Pampers products.  Shine Interactive made this vision come to life in association with Big Brave Digital. The game was designed to be a craw-a-thon challenge where kids […]

Blokaspaai Agtergrond


Shine Interactive is trots om die eerste Afrikaanse Blokraai-App vir die iPad beskikbaar te stel. Blokaspaai kombineer nou op unieke wyse die vreugdes van blokraaisels met tablet-tegnologie. Blokaspaai is nie ’n woordeboek of hulpmiddel nie, maar ’n volledige invul-applikasie wat die blokraai-entoesias die kans gee om pen en papier weg te gooi en die interaktiewe plesiere van ‘n tablet-blokraai te geniet. Blokraaie word in ‘n hanteerbare elektroniese formaat aangebied vir alle ouderdomsgroepe. Alles gaan oor die genot van invul en nié die bemeestering van tegnologie nie.

Money Drop set in red

Million Rand Money Drop

Bringing the magic to life The Million Rand Money Drop is certainly one of the most talked about new shows on SA television, but not many viewers realize just what it took to bring this epic game alive and in the process meet the strict international standard of the game. Peter Furstenberg in collaboration with […]